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Investing with Hester Real Estate

Rigorous investment analysis is conducted on each investment opportunity to provide you, the investor, further insight to aid your own investment decisions in Thailand. 

We source our properties ethically from sellers and agents to provide investors with realistic yet satisfactory returns. We will then present our investor distribution list with an offering and due diligence pack of the property detailing the project, deal structure, and investment returns. Then, there are there are 2 options for investors:


1We can enter into a joint venture where Hester Real Estate can effectively manage the whole deal and will be the legal owner of the property. If you are a non-Thai citizen, this allows you to invest in Thailand which would not be possible or easy as a foreigner. We also co-invest alongside with you meaning that we also have further skin in the deal. This way, our interests are aligned and the same. We can discuss your investment hold period and the investor returns you can expect. 

2 - You, as an investor, can take the deal for yourself if you or a family member is a Thai citizen. Hester Real Estate will charge a finders fee. Then we can, for an additional fee, also provide project management and property management support once you have acquired the property.

Fill in the investor questionnaire at the bottom of the page or get in touch with your criteria to see how we may be able to help you.

Why Hester Real Estate?

A company with a solid foundation, we pride ourselves in striving to provide in-depth, yet easy-to-understand investment analysis for property. Each opportunity provides the investor or developer with satisfactory returns to boost their portfolio. 

We are very aware of the risk that you take on as an investor, so risk management is a top priority. We aim to take into account any risks that may be involved in the project and factor this in for a satisfactory risk to return ratio. If the risk to return ratio does not stack up, we will simply not list it as an opportunity for investors. 

The Process

We will source quality property investment opportunities for investors and circulate an email.

Once you, the investor, has satisfied our due diligence process, you will be able to reserve the investment opportunity. You can then conduct your own due diligence, secure financing (if needed) and then sign the relevant legal documents to add the property to your portfolio.

Get priority: Investors can also complete the due diligence and provide supporting documents in advance to receive the investment opportunities by email 48 hours before it is circulated to the wider email distribution list and listed on our Social Media pages.

Investor Questionnaire

Help us understand what you are looking for

What type of property investments are you interested in?
Do you have finance in place?
What level of refurbishment are you prepared to consider?
What is the minimum annual return (net yield) you will consider?

Thanks for submitting!

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